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Cosmetic dentistry

Modern cosmetic dentistry is a whole range of different methods used to improve the appearance of teeth. A kindly friendly smile that demonstrates flawless white teeth is an important element of a person’s high self-esteem and his visual appeal to other people. Such smile is able to beautify any person – that is why today the field of cosmetic dentistry is so popular.
Unhealthy smile can turn life into a real torment, daily bringing a lot of awkward feelings. Therefore, you should not get used with this process, because a brilliant smile is quite an accomplished desire. Modern dentistry allows you to realize your dreams, correcting defects of any complexity.

Veneers are porcelain plates that replace the outer layer of teeth. They allow you to correct violations of the shape and color of the tooth, as well as protect the teeth. As a result, the restored tooth acquires strength and does not differ from the others. Veneers are made according to the shape, color of the patient’s teeth and their wishes.
Veneers are used to
To hide any birth defects that exist on the teeth.
Restoration of aesthetic appearance of the tooth, which was deformed as a result of injuries.
In cases where the tooth enamel can not be whitened, but there is a need for elimination of yellowness.
To perform a protective function (used less frequently, for example, to play wind instruments).
To correct unsuccessful treatment.
In order to correct any defects of the gums, or the same problems with the teeth that occur over the years.
Individual wish of the patient when he is not satisfied with the natural shape of the teeth.
If necessary, to hide the noticeable gaps existing between the teeth or in the case of critical deformation of the enamel.

Tooth bonding is a dental cosmetic procedure – attaching an artificial material, known as composite, to the natural structure of teeth. This procedure is aimed to hide imperfections such as cracks and spots to create perfect, natural smile. Used composite resin can be molded and polished in accordance with other teeth. Composite resin can also be used to fill gaps, hide discoloration, lengthen or change the shape of teeth.