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Examination and choice of treatment

Cleaning & Prevention

All dentistry begins with prevention. After all, you will agree that it is much more pleasant to visit the dentist from time to time to examine the teeth and then…

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Oral examination

General dentistry

There are a number of specializations in the field of dentistry. General dentistry is the base of all these fields. It has a number of branches such as oral surgery,…

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Young woman choosing color of teeth at dentist

Cosmetic dentistry

Modern cosmetic dentistry is a whole range of different methods used to improve the appearance of teeth. A kindly friendly smile that demonstrates flawless white teeth is an important element…

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Dental instrumenst for oral penetration

Surgical dentistry

Oral surgery is a specialty branch of dentistry that can be used to treat and correct a wide range of diseases and conditions. Dr. Genis cares for patients with bothersome…

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