Feasterville Dental Implants – The Most Popular Way To Replace Missing Teeth

Dentists can restore a damaged, injured, diseased, or missing tooth to its original form and shape with dental implants. A dental implant is a surgical procedure where the dentist places an artificial tooth root made of titanium, zirconium, or stainless steel into the jawbone.

They’re implanted into the jawbone and attached to the nerves in the head. They’re used to replace single teeth, bridges, dentures, or even part of an implantable prosthesis. Dental Implants in Feasterville can work marvelously for you, provided by the professionals at Genis Dental.

Our high-quality and reliable dental implant treatment will provide you with incomparable benefits. A dental implant may be the solution, whether you are suffering from jaw problems, tooth decay, or gum diseases.

You will never run out of treatment options when it comes to implants with us. Dental implant procedures may seem overwhelming or complicated, but we at Genis Dental are committed to providing each and every patient with personalized treatment and support.

Beyond addressing dental problems, implants can also provide extended benefits. The procedures can provide the structure and strength which the jaw and gums need. So, contact Dr. Genis to get the best Dental Implant in 19053, PA treatment now!

Dental Implants Feasterville PA

The Necessity Of Dental Implants

Dental implants can restore teeth and change the look of your smile. They are implanted by the dentist and take the place of a tooth root. The person has a temporary bridge placed on top of their teeth while the implants heal. Then, a permanent veneer,
form-fitted and color-matched just for you, will be attached as if the tooth was never missing at all!

The Dental Implants in Feasterville, PA are performed by the best dentist who knows that many things start to happen once the tooth is lost. Unfortunately, the patient does not notice these things immediately, significantly negatively impacting health and appearance.

The roots of teeth help keep the teeth in place, but they are also essential for maintaining the health of the surrounding gums and the bone structure. So even  though a deteriorating tooth may seem like only a cosmetic appearance concern, it is much more.

If you or a loved one are experiencing any symptoms such as root decay, tooth loss, gum pain, etc., call us for a consultation! We are here to help you feel and look the best you possibly can.

Get The Best Dental Implant Treatment in Feasterville

When the implant is placed in the jaw, it stimulates the remaining bone around the metal and the growth and mesh of small blood vessels. What’s more, the implants help restore function, allowing you to eat, chew, and bite without difficulty.

Dr. Genis uses technologically advanced dental techniques and machinery to treat our patients. You can be sure you will get excellent dental care services here. Due to our rich industry experience, we can completely address dental issues without any hassle. So, you need to book an appointment now!