Emergency Tooth Extraction Philadelphia

If you’re in the Philadelphia area and you need a quick solution for a painful tooth or another dental issue, Genis Dental is your answer. Our office is a licensed oral care center that can care for all these needs.

tooth extraction philadelphia

We provide cleaning & preventive dentistry, general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and surgical dentistry. Our dentists can care for multiple problems, including gum disease, infections, cavities, and tooth decay.

Our dentists are highly knowledgeable and experienced. In case of damage to a tooth, our preferred method of treatment would be to restore it by using dental veneers or dental crowns. However, we recommend tooth extraction when this treatment is necessary and is the last feasible option.

What To Expect Before You Get A Tooth Extraction in Philadelphia

Visit our dental clinic if you need a tooth extraction in Philadelphia, PA, because our doctors and supporting staff use the most advanced equipment and techniques in dental care. This also prevents the spread of disease and infection.

We always perform extractions gently and quickly while keeping the patient comfortable. If somebody is searching for a dental office for extraction, one of the most critical deciding factors is if the dentist offers sedation.

Sedation helps patients relax who are usually fearful or averse to dental visits. When patients are relaxed, they can complete their painless tooth removal without mental distress.

Extraction is often the best course of action to prevent the spread of infection and eliminate your discomfort. However, at your examination, our dentist will let you know if your tooth can be saved or if an extraction is the best option.

Before treatment, the dentist will also discuss the extraction cost to ensure that the procedure is affordable if necessary. To keep the remaining teeth healthy and intact, our dentist will discuss how a healthy diet can help prevent further gum disease, cavities, and infections.

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When a tooth is badly damaged or decayed, it can cause severe pain, and functions like chewing and speaking can even become challenging. Luckily, a qualified dentist from our staff is always available for Emergency Tooth Extraction in Philadelphia for these cases.

If you are facing any tooth or mouth issues related to oral dentistry, do not hesitate to bear the pain—Schedule Your Appointment today and get the right solution from our dentist.