Dental Health Awareness is Important for Everyone

Maintaining a proper Dental health can help in staying away from many health issues. It saves us not only from oral diseases, not many other diseases related to other body parts. Hence, for a healthy body, our oral health also matters.

Genis Dental has been serving Southampton residents with a wide array of oral care solutions. With us, getting safe and successful general dentistry solutions, cosmetic oral care, emergency dental care services, etc is a comfortable process.

They surround the lower jaw’s teeth and provide support to them. Taking care of your gums is just as important as caring for your teeth. Brushed red, swollen gums may be a sign of gum disease, also known as gingivitis. Gingivitis can make your tooth weak, and you’ll have to lose your tooth where it happens.

It would help if you never ignored your oral health and immediately contact a dentist for dental surgery Southampton PA. Your dentist will evaluate your teeth’ condition before proceeding with the treatment and ensure that it is a safe option.

Dental Surgery Southampton PA

Importance of gums

Your gums are like the mats of your teeth:

Pulp and Root Canal

There’s a pulp inside every tooth that provides nutrition and nerves to connect the tooth with your body. When the pulp is sick or injured, the pulp tissue will die. If the pulp is not removed, your teeth may be infected. If you do not treat this infection, you may experience swelling and/ or loss of your teeth.

If the teeth can be recovered, the solution is root canal treatment.The dentist who performs the pulp removal procedure is the one who cleans and seals the root canal to protect the pulp.

Once the root canal treatment is complete, your teeth will need to be permanently repaired, usually the crown. Root treatment is a simple procedure that our dentist performs at Dental Surgery Southampton PA, and executes little or no discomfort.

Squeezing and Grinding

Squeezing and grinding may be caused by anxiety and stress, sleep disorders, abnormal occlusion, and missing & misaligned teeth. Other symptoms may include headaches or jaw pain.

Intense grinding can lead to the teeth’ fractures, and treatment may include root canal treatment and crowns. The occlusal splint (night guard) usually reduces squeaking or squeezing and eliminates the possibility of fracture.

When the upper and lower teeth are not properly fitted, an occlusion disease occurs. Grinding teeth can make this problem worse. Even in the absence of pain, uneven occlusion can affect the structure of the teeth, bones, roots, gum tissue, and jaw joints. Excessive wear, cracks, fractures, tooth movements, tenderness, and gum disease, can all be part of the occlusion process.

How we handle all aspects of your dental health?

Ours is the Best Dental Surgery in Southampton, PA, and our administrative staff will ensure that you are satisfied with all aspects of your treatment plan. We tailor each patient’s care to their clinical needs, aesthetic needs, and financial situation. Our treatment area is equipped with advanced technology to increase efficiency and comfort.

Having an impacted tooth can affect the overall oral hygiene and can also cause damage to other teeth or other bones. There are several dental conditions that may require Dental Surgery Southampton PA. Problems with missing teeth or wisdom teeth are some of the common conditions which may require dental surgeries. These procedures are essential to cure the damage that has been done to the teeth or replace/ remove the teeth.

Dental surgeries can range from simple ones to more complicated ones. Dentists often perform these types of treatments in their clinics. Genis Dental is known for the best dental surgery in Southampton PA for years. You can connect with the team to know more about the different oral care procedures.