To ensure your dental implant recovery is as quick as possible, eating healthily and avoiding certain foods and drinks is essential. Your oral surgeon is undoubtedly the best guide in this scenario.

They will instruct you on which foods to eat or avoid to minimize swelling and discomfort. Furthermore, they will prescribe the proper medications to help you heal quickly and with less pain.

What Should You Expect After Dental Surgery?

Oral surgery tends to cause pain and discomfort for at least a few days. In addition, there may be swelling in the gums and mouth. Different patients have different lengths of healing time as well as varying levels of pain tolerance. Therefore, taking good care of yourself in the recovery time following surgery is essential.

If there are no complications, you can expect to heal implants after a few days. However, there lies the risk of complications, especially if a bone graft is involved with surgery. In addition, issues can arise when your implant is not in its proper place.

In such cases, the healing time can be significantly extended. But first, you’ll want to choose a Philadelphia Dentist, and they will provide what to expect from your surgery.

Heal Faster After Dental Implants

7 Tips For Optimal Healing After Dental Implants:

      1. Eat soft foods: If you consume soft foods, jaw movement will be minimized as there is less chewing. However, any jaw movement can slow down your Dental Implant healing process and might add to the pain. 
      2. Do not consume hot foods or drinks: Your gums will be sensitive after oral surgery. Therefore, you must avoid eating anything too hot, as it can cause swelling. 
      3. Avoid using straws: Never use a straw in the days following your dental implant surgery. Using a straw can disrupt oral wound healing and recovery because of the suction. 
      4. Keep yourself hydrated: After surgery, you must keep sipping water regularly. Staying hydrated is extremely important for overall healing. However, please note that you cannot get your hydration from tea or coffee, as you should avoid all hot drinks while healing. 
      5. Avoid smoking: Smoking is harmful to your health and can directly disrupt your wound. When you smoke, you also get less oxygen into the body overall, negatively affecting your health. Therefore, if you want a speedy recovery, you should never smoke.  
      6. Reduce engaging in strenuous activities: You need to rest after dental implant surgery. Exercise must be avoided, as it runs the risk of increasing your pain. You must even avoid talking too much, as it can stress your jawbone. 
      7. Use ice packs to control swelling: Ice packs are ideal for minimizing swelling. Further, it can reduce any bruising that may occur. The trick is to wrap the ice cubes or cold vegetables on a towel and gently apply them to your wound.

Dental implants are an excellent choice for many to provide a natural look and long-lasting functionality of a regular tooth. However, following the post-surgery instructions after a dental implant is necessary to ensure that you heal properly and keep the implant in excellent condition. If you’re considering a dental implant treatment, Schedule A Consultation with our highly experienced dentist at Genis Dental today.


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